BOYAR Comfort Club

Preventative Maintenance Paves The Way To Dependable Comfort

Annual maintenance tune ups and inspections are your first line of defense against costly breakdowns and the best way to keep your energy bills under control. Minor issues like dirty filters, air leaks, old motors and belts, aging thermostats and leaking refrigerants inevitably get worse over time. Let BOYAR’s affordable regular service stop most problems before they get big.

BOYAR Family Club Memberships

BOYAR Ultimate Service

  • Only $21.00 / month
  • Priority scheduling
  • Emergency services sunrise to sunset
  • No overtime charges
  • 50% off system diagnostics
  • Precision spring and fall tune-ups
  • Member discounts on parts & services
  • We’ll call to confirm your schedule
  • Inflation protection
  • Transferrable agreement

Upgrade To The BOYAR Ultimate + Add-Ons Service

Customize your plan to fit your precise system and personal desires. Add-ons are priced individually, so call or text to discuss your needs at (941) 529-1429.

Stay Comfy & Save Money

A regular maintenance plan is the #1 way to feel confident that your system will remain reliable, so take advantage of our affordable BOYAR Family Club! Your system will take care of you with stable performance and you’ll have fewer unexpected breakdowns, which saves money in the long run, too.

Your system is important for your budget as heating and AC alone can be half your energy bill. We recommend the BOYAR Family Club to make sure your system is thoroughly checked twice each year.

More About The BOYAR Family Club

Our service club does more than inspections and routine maintenance to make sure your AC cooling system is properly cared for. Membership means you are a top priority even after hours or on weekends, with no extra charges. We’re on call for you all the time and Club membership is the best way to get fast responses when you need it most!

In addition, we live in the details so you don’t have to. Our check-ups take care of everything including belts, motors, electrical connections, and ducts, then we take care of the filters and refrigerants, too. Cooling systems are customized to fit each home, so we keep exact records of your specific set-up.

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